Telateks A.S. was founded in 1940 by Mr. Emin Ustunel, a pioneer in the manufacture of haircloth interlining. What started as a small textile business more than 70 years ago has evolved into an internationally recognized textile company with clients in more than 20 countries. Telateks serves the needs of many different industries that require textile products. While interlinings for garments account for a major part of our business, our company is also rapidly growing in other textile sectors like technical textiles. Through our Metyx Composites divison, we deliver high-performance composite materials to many industries including wind energy industry, marine, automotive and transportation, to name just a few.


Seventy years of textile expertise has made us a leading supplier of high-end textile fabrics engineered with the latest technological advances in the industry. We pride ourselves on the first-rate quality and unwavering reliability of our products, as well as the top-notch, personalized customer service our clients have come to expect from us.


  • Start of production of interlinings by Emin Ustunel

    Establishment of weaving looms and production of the first goat hair interlining 

    Installation of first powder dot coating line in Turkey, start of a new era, production of fusible interlinings

  • Establishment of Telateks A.S. by Mr. Erol Ustunel

  • Investment in textile coating

    Production of first "top-fuse" shirt interlining in the country

    Investment in weaving machines

  • Investment in knitting machines with weft insertion capability

    Production of first paste-dot coated interlining in the country

    Establishment of the first knitting facility in Turkey, which is dedicated to knitted interlinings

    First weft inserted, warp knitted interlining

    Production of first perforated waistbands in the country

  • Investment in textile finishing and dyeing technology

    Production of stitched-reinforced non-woven interlining; first weft/warp reinforced interlining in the country

    Production of first double dot fusible interlining in the country

    Acquisition of NATO:AQAP 120 Quality Certificate

  • Investment in double dot coating technology

    Acquisition of ISO 9001:2000


  • Establishment of METYX Composites, composites division of Telateks A.S.

    Investment in machinery for multiaxial reinforcements

    Acquisition of Oeko-tex Standard 100 for all fusible interlinings

  • Completion of new METYX factory with 4000 square meter closed area

    Company is certified by TÜV Nord for ISO 9001

    Establishment of Composites Distribution Business for the local market



  • Establishment of new state-of-the-art double-dot interlining and technical textile coating line

    Launch of METYCORE, the leading RTM reinforcement today

    Several marine project qualifications for high performance METYX reinforcements  

    Launch of NCF and surface veil products for GRP pipe production  

  • Investment in non-woven technology

    Development of the vacuum consumables product range

    Investment in two new warehouses for Metyx Composites customers


  • Tunc & Ugur Ustunel are assigned as Co-Directors for the company

    Investment in carbon weaving and NCF production

    Introduction of the seismic retrofit product group

  • Investment in new factory for technical textiles in Manisa Organized Industrial Zone with 12500 square meter closed area

    Formation of Metyx Tooling Business Unit

  • Introduction of the new Max 5 carbon fabric production line

  • North American Bus Industries´ (NABI) former production facilities in Kaposvar, Hungary was acquired.

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